Q: what's the song's name in the kylie's last video on instagram please ?

if you’re talking about the one posted on the 14th of september, it’s produced by Courtlend who produces songs for Kylie. Here is the full song x

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Q: Where does kendall stay when she's in NYC? X

she stayed at Kanye West’s apartment x

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Q: Is it true that Kendall may have been bullied/hazed by other models during NYFW backstage? There are stories that some of the other girls were rude & (supposedly) would put cigs in her drinks because they didn't think she deserved to be there

I’m not too sure of the stories myself but i believe there are would’ve been some models who were talking about her behind her back. They’re probably think that she got into the modelling industry because she was already famous but in fact she got rid of her last name, as she didn’t want to be known as a ‘Jenner’ or part of the Kardashians. She just wants to model and has finally worked her way there and now people are just jealous. I know models work hard to become well known but putting someone down is just rude. If you’ve watched the earlier seasons of KWTK she has always wanted to be a model since she was very young. 

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